Luck vs. Peyton

How does the rookie measure up?

Striking similarities and stark differences between these two Indianapolis Colts QBs.
College career passing yards
Andrew Luck: 9,430
Peyton Manning: 11, 201

Career college rushing yards and average yardage gained
AL: 957, 5.9
PM: -183, -0.8
Career college interceptions
AL: 22
PM: 33
Number of miles from hometown to Indy
AL: Houston, 1,014.9 miles
PM: New Orleans, 820.9 miles
Career college passing touchdowns
AL: 82 (Stanford school record)
PM: 89
Career college rushing touchdowns
AL: 7
PM: 12
Opponent at first official NFL game
AL: Chicago Bears
PM: Miami Dolphins
Weight (rookie season)
AL: 234 lbs.
PM: 235 lbs.
Colleges he narrowed it down to
AL: Purdue, Northwestern, Stanford, Virginia, and Rice
PM: Michigan, Florida State, Notre Dame, Mississippi, and Tennessee
Number father was drafted
AL: Oliver, 44th
PM: Archie, 2nd
Shoe size
AL: 15
PM: 13
Named a high-school valedictorian?
AL: Yes, of Stratford High School in 2008
PM: No, Isidore Newman School
Heisman Trophy placement
AL: 2nd place
PM: 2nd place
Number of times named a BCS bowl MVP
AL: 1
PM: 1
Number-1 draft pick contract
AL: $22.1 million, for four years, plus a $14.5 million signing bonus
PM: $48 million, for six years, plus an $11.6 million signing bonus
When Luck won a Herbie Award from ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit in 2011, the QB put it in teammate James McGillicuddy’s locker. Others joined in the “punking,” telling McGillicuddy he had been honored for being “such a versatile player,” according to Stanford Magazine in 2011. McGillicuddy bought it “hook, line, and sinker.”
In 1994, when Manning was a freshman at Tennessee, then–offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe required QBs to arrive at meetings 10 minutes early. Manning did, Cutcliffe told ESPN, but his competition for the position, Branndon Stewart, was nowhere to be found. After an hour, Cutcliffe heard Stewart banging on the door—Manning had closed it as he came in, locking Stewart out.

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This article appeared in the September 2012 issue.