My Super Job: Benjamin Utecht

Name: Benjamin Utecht

Day job: “Singing Super Bowl Champion” —Utecht played tight end for the Indianapolis Colts before an injury ended his career prematurely; since then, he has broken out as a country-crossover musician, and he recently toured with Grammy-nominated pianist Jim Brickman

My Super Job: Singing the national anthem in Super Bowl Village and the Indiana Pacers game on Saturday, Feb. 4

What’s more nerve-racking: playing music or playing football in front of a big crowd? “In football, the nerves always settled after the first play. In music, once you finish the first song the stage becomes your home. But singing on a stage takes a much greater amount of vulnerability, which can be a nerve-racking experience.”

When you were playing football, what did you listen to before games? “My music collection is vast, which gave me lots of options–from Jeremy Camp to Luciano Pavarotti to U2. Each artist and each song brought a different kind of inspiration.”

Do you ever wear your Super Bowl ring? “I usually wear it at an event, because I really want people to have the opportunity to see and touch a Super Bowl ring. I know it is a special experience for them as it is one for me to be able to wear it. And it adds to the shock value of the Singing Super Bowl Champion! So it will be on my finger for the anthem.”

You know Indy well. Why will the city prove to be a great Super Bowl host? “Because the people are amazing. I consider Indy a home away from home because of how well it treated me. It is a great football environment with excellent NFL fans.”

Of all the live performances happening here during the Super Bowl, who are you most excited about seeing? “As always, the halftime show. One of the greatest productions of the year, and you know Madonna will have something special planned for the fans!”

Going to the game? “I like watching the tube so that I can hear and see everything that’s happening without all the chaos.”

Dream celebrity sighting during the Super Bowl? “I probably would lose it if I ran into Bono. Then I would have to compose myself enough to ask him if I could be his future opening act!”

Who’s gonna win? “As an Indianapolis Colt through and through, that is easy to answer…the Giants!!”