Video: Overheard at the ZipLine Opening

Word is that the ZipLine in Super Bowl Village is a fast rush, not a gentle glide. Hey, this is Indy. Speed is what we do. Here, other comments from those who squealed through a maiden ZipLine voyage today, in a ceremony marking the opening of the fly-by to the public.
“I’m looking forward to it because once I do it, I’m done.” —Super Bowl Host Committee chairman Mark Miles, evidently not planning on an encore zip
“I’m really excited, but I’m also kind of nervous. I’ve been looking forward to it all week.” —Darian White, eighth-grader and one of the Super Bowl’s student ambassadors, who were among the first to hit the ZipLine today
“It is an honor. This whole week will be a celebration.” —Gary Brackett, Indianapolis Colts linebacker
And from this all-access, watch-it-twice video from Doing Indy:

“I’m scared out of my mind. … Gettting ready to fill out the waiver, signing my life away. This scares me a little more.” —Jeff Robinson, creative director of the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association

Check out our video and our photos, to the right. Sure looks like $10 worth of fun. Who’s ready to ride? And will the ZipLine become the most Facebooked photo op of the Super Bowl?

Second photo, Gary Brackett; third photo, Darian White; fourth photo, Brackett and Mark Miles. Photos by Lauren Kreiser.