Pacers Q&A: Myles Turner

The Pacers big man talks living local in Fountain Square, his ”welcome to the NBA moment,” and NBA 2K16.

Did you have any clue the Pacers were going to draft you?

Not really. Draft Night was a whirlwind for me. I was hearing so many things. I heard “Top 10.” I heard, “You might fall out of the lottery.” I wasn’t sure what to believe or who to take advice from, so I just sat there and waited, and went through so many emotions. Once my name was finally called (Turner was the 11th overall pick), I was just ready to come to the city and leave my mark on the organization.

What was your “welcome to the NBA” moment?

We played Sacramento, and DeMarcus Cousins dropped something like 48 points. It was crazy.

You were pretty quick with that answer. Been carrying that one around?

No, that was just the moment where I was like, “Man, I gotta wake up. This is reality.”

In virtual reality, in video games, when you’re playing NBA 2K16, are you playing as yourself or someone else?

I’m definitely playing as the Pacers, and I make sure I’m getting my buckets.

Are your teammates gamers?

It’s really just me and [Paul George]. But we don’t have any 2K battles or anything like that.

One time, I bought a giant sock monkey. It was probably 150 bucks. My parents were like, “What the hell, why did you do that?”

Let’s say you’re waiting at the bmv. What games do you play on your phone?

Well, first of all, I’d have someone do that for me. Because I’m not going to the BMV. I hate that. And that’s not a because-I-can thing—I just absolutely hate the BMV. I’ve had some bad experiences there. But if I’m waiting somewhere, I’d probably be playing a game called Twist.

What was the dumbest thing you bought after signing your rookie contract, the thing that made your parents say, ‘Are you kidding me, Myles?’

No one’s asked me that before. Let’s see. One time, I bought a giant sock monkey. It was probably 150 bucks. My parents were like, “What the hell, why did you do that?”

Yeah, exactly. Why did you do that?

I don’t know. I like random objects in my place. The giant sock monkey was there. I had to do it.

Where do you live?

I’m down by Fountain Square. After I was drafted and came to Indy, I knew I wanted to keep it local. Everything is real convenient downtown. I’m able to get where I need to be—it’s so smooth. You know, I’m from Dallas, and we have traffic there all of the time.

You’re not a Cowboys fan, are you?

I am a Cowboys fan, actually.

That’s better than being a Patriots fan.


Any chance of your switching  allegiance to the Colts?

No. Hell, no. I mean, I really do love the Indianapolis community, but I won’t forget my roots, and I’ve always been a Cowboys fan.

Have you been out to PG’s place in Geist?

I’ve been there a few times, and got on his boat to do some fishing. He gets into it. I just started fishing last year, so, yeah, he’s a lot better than me.

Away from basketball, what other kinds of things do you like to do on a typical day in the off-season?

I might do something adventurous—go out hiking or something like that. Sometimes I go out to Eagle Creek, just to walk around and stuff like that, see what I can find. I just like being outdoors. Maybe “adventurous” is a little too outlandish. I’m more outdoorsy.

Yeah, at first I was picturing rock-climbing. You know the Pacers aren’t going to let you rock-climb or hang-glide, right, Myles?