Party Band LMFAO transforms Indy into "Jersey Shore"

No one was sorry for party rocking in Indy late Friday evening as LMFAO stormed the Verizon Stage. (Well, maybe these 13 people were sorry.) The performance had all the elements of a “Jersey Shore” marathon on MTV, from teased hair to the very “JS” theme song itself (“Get Crazy”).

Lead singer Redfoo asked a rhetorical question to start the show: “Who came to party?” Pretty much everyone in Indy, obviously, as thousands of concertgoers could barely text photos of Redfoo’s abs to their friends without elbowing someone in the face. Cellphone signals were unavailable for a considerable duration of the show, and Indianapolis Department of Safety officers announced that all inbound motor-vehicle traffic was unallowed for about an hour’s time.

One hard-partier was noticeably absent from the concert. Co-lead singer Skyblu didn’t show on Friday night. Redfoo explained that Skyblu hurt his back, but no matter: The party must go on. And it did. Redfoo led merrymakers in rousing choruses of “Sorry for Party Rocking,” “Shots,” “Party Rock Anthem,” and more, helping everyone in Super Bowl Village find his or her inner party animal. Audience members wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggled (as much as space allowed) on Georgia Street and beyond, as far as the beer-soaked soundtrack could reach.

If the audience learned anything from LMFAO’s concert (and learning is a stretch), it’s that you need a lot of props to party with LMFAO. A few of the crazy party tools that the Los Angeles-based, Grammy-nominated group brought to the stage:

>> Shake weights. You know, to stay in shape while they’re guzzling all those suds.
>> Zebra-shaped beach balls.
>> Zebra-print everything.
>> Highlighter-green hot pants.
>> Shutter shades.

    LMFAO performs in Indianapolis again at the high-rollers-only Rolling Stone Super Bowl Bacardi Bash tonight. But Friday’s free show was the perfect chance for the everyday partier to take advantage of open-container privileges, suit up in something obnoxious, and sing along to today’s biggest party hits with the deans of drinking, themselves.