Paul George's Personal Style, in Photos

As Paul George’s NBA star power rises, we wonder about his chance to transcend the sport and become a bona fide pop-culture celebrity. It bodes well that the 23-year-old has a serious interest in fashion, as he revealed in our March story gauging his crossover potential. But if you follow him on Instagram, you already knew that. The Cali boy isn’t afraid of color or pattern, loves his Christian Louboutin studded loafers, and cleans up extremely well. The following survey of his fashion sense shows some room for improvement, but if GQ believes in him, so do we.
His current uniform
Slim-cut pants and a bold button-up fastened all the way to the neck. It accentuates his lean frame, but a jacket or a tuck-in here and there would go a long way.

He likes attention
If you pass PG in the airport, you’ll know it.

He avoids misses
PG’s outfit for a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance didn’t push any boundaries, but at least he didn’t crash and burn. The leather sleeves are trendy.

He shows his true colors
PG’s a longtime Broncos fan.

He can accessorize
Maybe not like an All-Star yet, but he knows the details are important.

He cleans up nicely
More suits! More suits!

He kicks back just as nicely
Check out the gold snap-back and snazzy glasses.

He looks pretty good in his blue and gold, too …

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