Post Office Beside Stadium: Here to Stay

With its main branch in Indy located on what will be the (figuratively) hottest corner in the world this February, at Illinois and South Streets, the United States Post Office has a front row seat to all the action at Lucas Oil Stadium. Hearsay has flown around regarding that branch potentially moving operations elsewhere—even as far out as Indianapolis International Airport—but that’s all false, according to Donna Hoffman, Customer Relations Coordinator.

“I’ve heard a lot of rumors [about moving], and I always wonder where they come from,” said Hoffman. “Most of our operations will stay here [at the South Street location], but it’s not possible for all aspects to remain. This is a 24-hour facility, and we just don’t know what the city or Super Bowl people want to do yet.”

The post office has an in-house team that has been working with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department and the Super Bowl Host Committee on logistics since the beginning, but nothing has been finalized at this point. “Every aspect [of work] is impacted, in ways you don’t even think about,” Hoffman said. “We are avidly working on this, and as soon as we some confirmed, solid information, we’ll pass that along.”

Hoffman said that mail delivery services would not be interrupted by Super Bowl traffic and festivities. Stay with the Super City blog for all the latest developments to the downtown scene.