Super Bowl, Six Months Since

Monday, Aug. 6, marked the six-month anniversary of our collective Super Bowl hangover. It seems like just yesterday, doesn’t it? Come to think of it, wasn’t the weather the same yesterday as it was that whole week in February? Remember the abundant and unnatural global-warming sunshine? That ZipLine? Those adorable football-shaped cake pops at Peyton’s party?

Oh, wait, none of us attended Peyton’s party. But some of Katy Perry’s friends from Paper magazine did, and they blogged about it. Somehow we missed it at the time, but it’s more enjoyable now as a trip down memory lane anyway. Perry’s posse kept a diary of their time and Instagram photos here, including their difficulty getting a cab in Broad Ripple and thus being stranded “45 minutes outside the city.” (Um, no, you weren’t.) In their less dramatic moments, they recounted spotting Lourdes at a concert, running around the suites at the game, and after-partying with Rooney Mara.

As fresh as the Super Bowl memories are, it seems like forever has passed since we said our sad goodbyes to Peyton. Clearly he has moved on—and it seems he has turned over a new publicity-loving leaf in Denver. Photos of his $4.6 million home in Colorado are all over the Internet. Let’s get this straight: The same guy who had children under a thick veil of secrecy while living here now allows the entire world to see photos of his bathroom. Of course, with that bland decor (admittedly probably the previous owners’), it could be anyone’s bathroom. We’ll take Eli’s tricked-out condo with its Maxwell Smart bar any day.

Photos courtesy Paper magazine

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