Super Stuffed: Taste of NFL Party

We joined more than 3,000 guests for the Taste of NFL event at Gleaners Food Bank near the airport for a walk around tasting with 32 chefs (one from each NFL team). We pretty much hit up every table and are, well, a bit stuffed! We caught up with some chefs and guests – and here’s what we heard.

Chef Anthony Zallo of Bigelow Grille, represent the Pittsburgh Steelers, went on a culinary journey to the Northwest side to satisfy his team’s craving for an arepa. Instead, he discovered an incredible new seafood spot called La Casa de los Mariscos (7944 N Michigan Ave) and is going back for a second feast.

Chef Greg Hardesty of Recess (4907 College Ave., 317-925-7529) represented the Indianapolis Colts very well. He served up Gunthorp Farms Pork Pozole with Idaho potatoes to a constant line of people. In between serves, he told us all about Jimmy Fallon coming in. There were drinks and shots with the staff! Sounds like we showed Fallon a great time.

Tim Zagat of Zagat was a guest there to party! He was asking us about the party scene and told us as the owner of Zagat, couldn’t even score a free ticket to the Maxim party. On the food front, we were a bit disappointed to learn he’s only made it to chains so far. Morton’s and Capital Grille to name a couple.

Ted Allen of Chopped on the Food Network told us how happy he was to be back in his home state for one of his favorite events. He was swooning over Chef Tory McPhail of Commander’s Palace’s Cracklin’ Crusted Manchester Farms Quail and Pork Belly Bread Pudding. We agreed wholeheartedly on the dish and the fragrant and crisp quail leg. So IM set out to learn more from Chef McPhail. When asked about his dining experience in town so far, he said he hasn’t had much of a chance to enjoy the restaurant scene just yet, but we’ve given him our recs and will check back.

Chef Shin Tsujimura from NOBU in New York excited guests with a Spicy Tuna Poke with two different seaweeds and the perfect amount of acid. When asked where he’s been in Indy, he too, told us about they went to Fogo De Chao (117 E. Washington St.,317-638-4000)

Mauro Castano and Joey Faugno from Carlos Bakery of Cake Boss were blown away by the downtown crowds and said they’re looking forward to coming back to Indiana when the crowds subside.