The Replay: Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, And Notre Dame

Half-Jersey Edition

Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our look at sports. We take shots—mostly airballs.


Flag Football

If you can’t beat the Patriots, join them? According to a Senate investigation, the Department of Defense made the Indianapolis Colts one of the most well-compensated NFL franchises in the what investigators are calling a “Paid Patriotism” initiative. The Colts received $420,000 to salute the troops for staged displays that included things like military-family reunions—essentially a paid (and undisclosed) commercial for the DoD. (The Pacers, IU, and Purdue are mentioned in the report as well.) But the joke is on the government: All along, the Colts have been paying much more to falsify a Super Bowl contender. It should also be noted that the military has a long history of trying to inject propaganda into sports. The results have been mixed.



Joy Luck (Book) Club

According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is the NFL’s unofficial librarian, and often suggests books (we make our own suggestions here) to his teammates. Of course, this will end up being fodder for Patriots fans (if they have someone there to help them sound out the words in the story). But you know who else had a book club? This guy.



Jersey Sore

When the Broncos visit the Colts on Sunday, it signals what is expected to be Peyton Manning’s last appearance at Lucas Oil Stadium. On one level, this is bittersweet for a number of reasons. During his time in Indy, Manning made the Colts into a perennial winner, stood as one of the biggest reasons the city has Lucas Oil, and acted as a notable philanthropist. And it doesn’t help that Manning’s replacement is having an off-season. So, strike up the band for Peyton.


But let’s look at the bigger, brighter picture: NO MORE HALF-JERSEYS! These Colts-Broncos mash-ups are an abomination, and if you are an adult who owns one, you need to crawl back down into Mom’s basement, throw on your footie pajamas, and watch the game from home.

I like to picture my Manning wearing a Colts jersey, and he’s leading the Colts to a Super Bowl victory behind a choir of angels.

I like to picture my Manning as a ninja in a Broncos jersey fighting off evil samurai.

I like to picture my Manning wearing both.

No. Stop. Amen.



Fighting Irish

Saturday’s win over ranked and previously unbeaten Temple marked the return of Notre Dame to the national championship discussion—and purple-faced Brian Kelly. During the second half, the Irish coach shoved assistant strength coach David Grimes. Either way, Kelly’s still no Lou Holtz.



Now Read This

Former Indianapolis Monthly staffer Tony Rehagen catches up with Boston coach Brad Stevens for Boston Magazine (“Can Coach Brad Stevens Put the Celtics Together Again?”). The story is worth a read for this quote alone: “If, as a player, you don’t get along with Brad Stevens,” says former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy, “you’re the asshole.”