The Replay: Dan Dakich, Bob Knight, and A.J. Foyt

(Bob) Knight Clubbing Edition
Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our weekly look at sports. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.


» General Impression: Dan Dakich treated listeners of his afternoon sports talk show to withering theater this week. On Tuesday, the former IU standout not only asked his old coach Bob Knight questions, but answered the questions in character as Knight. The host posterized Knight with a send-up heavy on outsized ego and colossal insecurity. Despite the limitations of FCC standards, it seemed authentic. Please let this be a recurring bit:


» Shipped: Former Pacers irritant and noted ear-blower Lance Stephenson was traded from Charlotte to the Los Angeles Clippers. Deadspin broke down the trade, in part concluding: “… Lance Stephenson is truly peerless as a destructive, team-killing force.” Some, though, were much more optimistic:

In fact, Stephenson already seems to be making an on-court impact:


» Bid Bucks: One of the footballs used by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the infamous 2014 AFC Championship game against the Colts is up for auction. Bidding starts $25,000. Air is extra.


» Now Read This: IM contributor Allison Copenbarger Vance followed racing legend A.J. Foyt on his comeback from a hospital bed to the IMS in “Back Home Again in Indiana.”