The Replay: Tom Brady, Sun King, and Notre Dame

Canned Laughter Edition

Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our weekly look at sports. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.


» Brouhaha: Indy’s Sun King irked New England Patriots fans when the brewer distributed units of its Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale stamped with a special message on the bottom of the cans: “Tom Brady Sux.” Co-owner Clay Robinson said a lone employee named “Biscuit” was responsible for the prank and denied that Sun King had manipulated the cans to gain a competitive advantage—in true Deflategate fashion:

Boston-area Blue Hills Brewery fired back, but the retort—and likely the beer—is flat:


» Wicked Art: No word out of a federal hearing between Brady and the NFL over his suspension, but a veteran courtroom sketch artist gave the world a picture worth a thousand of them. Jane Rosenberg’s unflattering depiction of Brady launched scores of memes and even a Twitter handle, @TomBradySketch. This is the clubhouse leader for your Halloween costume.

The original:

The mutations:


» Delay of Game: While Brady’s lawyers and NFL representatives huddled with a judge to try to reach a compromise, the quarterback emerged from legal limbo to make a surprise start in the Patriots preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers. We imagine the day went something like this:








Look, we know: Everyone is tired of Deflategate. But let’s try to be positive. The scandal has given those long-suffering New England martyrs—who revel in woe despite Boston-area teams winning championships hand-over-fist—a chance to reclaim their crown of thorns:




» Style Points: The season hasn’t even started, but Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly scored when he surprised walk-on Josh Anderson with a scholarship. There is, however, a catch: He has to wear that uniform:


» Now Read This: Eva Holland’s account of the world’s longest annual canoe and kayak race, “Hellbent, But Not Broken.”