Top Tweets: Pacers Gut Out Home Victory

Meanwhile, retired NBA player Gilbert Arenas turned the focus of his Instagram ire from Roy Hibbert to Lance Stephenson—who hit a security shot near game’s end.

Former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas—@mragentzero on Instagram—was once again trolling the Indiana Pacers on social media last night. But in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, his favorite target, Roy Hibbert, hit for a season (and game) high in the Pacers’ 86-82 win. So this time, Arenas took aim at Lance Stephenson with a pair of first-half posts when the guard went scoreless. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but in basketball, it’s points that count—Hibbert finished with 28, Stephenson bounced back with 12 in the second half, and Arenas had zilch.

Here’s what else fans were talking about: