Video: Lance Stephenson Sinks Two Trick Shots

He’s flat-out Instagramazing.

Even though They Who Shall Not Be Named from a particularly humid place in Florida destroyed the Indiana Pacers’ hopes of an NBA championship this season, the game goes on—and so do the antics. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Lance Stephenson.

Known as Sir Lancelot in the IM office and nationwide, Stephenson somehow continues to have his way on the basketball court, even in this offseason. Impressively, he shows he’s got sheer shotmaking skills to back up his in-game hijinks.

Witness the below: First, Sir Lancelot makes a half-court shot backward. Backward. Oh, and it was one-handed to boot. Sure, some hater on Instagram will say it was just okay, as Stephenson used the backboard, or another troll will say he did that once, blindfolded, while calming a crying baby. Let’s be real—it would be easier for scientists to push powdered coal through a diamond than it would be for 99.9 percent of Americans to make that shot. And film it.

In another recent clip, Stephenson walks to the corner of the three-point arc in Bankers Life Fieldhouse and takes a shot similar to the half-courter above. He drains this one, too. “Born ready,” Sir Lancelot says, and with that, he walks off the court.

Sir Lancelot, you deserve a golf clap at the least. Whatever the Pacers’ offseason plans prove to be, life is never dull with you around. We hope you’re in our future.