Adam Wren

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In For Questioning: Q&A with Troy Riggs

“At the end of the day, I have to make some very tough decisions that will not sit well with people. But they’ll understand why I made the decision and what my thinking was.”

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Learning Curve: A Range of Hoosiers Weigh In on Glenda Ritz

With all the noise surrounding new Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, will her agenda of slowing down reforms advance? Or is her voice—and those of her supporters—bound to get drowned out?

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Profile: Glenda Ritz Doesn't Want to Hear It!

Inside Crooked Creek Elementary School’s cafeteria, Glenda Ritz wielded a scalpel, in-structing about 100 fourth-graders in the art of dissecting a spiny dogfish shark. The smell of the dead specimens, spread out on metal trays on top of blue table covers, filled the air. It was a lesson she had delivered—and a procedure she’d performed—more than a dozen times throughout her 33-year teaching career.

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Lance Armstrong's Ex-Teammate Calls on IU Health Personnel to Corroborate 1996 Doping Confession

Former Lance Armstrong teammate Frankie Andreu tells IM that Dr. Larry Einhorn, esteemed oncologist with the IU School of Medicine and Lance Armstrong Foundation, was not present in the Indianapolis hospital room where Armstrong allegedly admitted to doping in 1996. But he wants to know the identities of the people who were.

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Lance Armstrong Update: Did Indy Doctors Know He Was Doping?

Two anonymous Indianapolis doctors might have been among the first to learn that the storybook career of cyclist Lance Armstrong was more cautionary tale than legend. At least, that’s according to a 2006 affidavit from one of Armstrong’s former teammates, Frankie Andreu, delivered to the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Andreu rode with Armstrong from 1992 until 1996, as a member of Motorola’s racing team. In the 15-pag

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Doomsday Profit: Get Your Indiana Bunker Now

Deep in Southern Indiana, businessman Robert Vicino offers the cure for paranoid doomsday-preppers: a retrofitted Cold War–era communications bunker where 80 people can weather a catastrophe underground for up to a year—among the kind of tony trappings one might find on a luxury yacht. Vicino’s sales pitch leaves no potential natural or manmade disaster unmentioned, including nuclear explosion, biological warfare, solar flares, and, of course, the Mayan prophecy that appears to foretell an apocalypse this month.

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Richard Lugar Goes Off the Record

Midway through his first term as mayor, Lugar joined Dolly Parton onstage at a concert in Garfield Park—and received an impromptu smooch on the cheek. “She said, ‘Mr. Mayor, I want you to come on down to Nashville and be our mayor,’” recalls Morris. “He blushed, thanked her, and walked off the stage.”

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Exclusive Q&A: Dr. Larry Einhorn on Lance Armstrong

On October 22, cycling’s governing body formally stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles due to alleged involvement in a doping scandal, and on November 1, the International Olympic Committee opened an investigation into the cyclist’s bronze-medal-winning performance in 2000.

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The Don

Editor’s Note, July 3, 2012: IM ran this article in November 2000 on the Indiana Pacers’ then-president, Donnie Walsh, who is returning to the Pacers on the heels of Larry Bird’s departure in late June.

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Tony Bennett Has All the Answers

Editor’s Note, Nov. 7, 2012: Despite outspending his opponent, Glenda Ritz, by a 10-to-1 margin, Tony Bennett was unseated as Indiana’s schools czar on Nov. 6. Here, our September 2011 feature profile on the man who catalyzed a lot of visceral responses—both for and against him