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Amanda Heckert

September 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, September 2016: My Heart and the Heartland

“I’ll be stocking up on “317” T-shirts—even though the things I’ll miss most about the city can’t be packed in a moving van.”

August 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, August 2016: Best in Show at the State Fair

Former home economics teacher Mary Alice Collins of Markleville has entered the contest for almost 60 years, winning thousands of ribbons and an “Indiana State Fair Master” award along the way.

July 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, July 2016: The Beauty of a Small Town

Here, small towns flourish close enough that you can drive in to Indianapolis for work or dinner, all while maintaining their autonomy and singular charms.

June 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, June 2016: The Closing of Holy Cross

The bell tolls for the Church of the Holy Cross, a near-eastside landmark closing its doors that was beloved by members and neighbors alike.

Dyke Michaels Beast Food Truck
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May Foodie: Dyke Michaels of Beast Food Truck

“We hadn’t really seen a food truck that had attached itself to a neighborhood. It’s important to take Irvington with us wherever we go, and bring people back in.”

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The Changing Face Of Indiana Avenue

“There’s a truly heartfelt desire to stay here. That’s what the heart says. The intellect says, You can’t stay.”

Amanda Heckert May 2016
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Editor’s Note, May 2016: The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500

The blow-your-hair-back speed, the pageantry, the people watching—yes, the spectacle, in all the word’s connotations—surpassed my expectations.

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Editor’s Note, April 2016: 25 Best Restaurants

Curious about how the Indianapolis Monthly dining team developed its ranking of 2016’s 25 Best Restaurants? Read on for an explanation.

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Editor’s Note, March 2016: The Effect of the Cultural Trail

There are more reasons than ever to linger downtown—primarily thanks to the trailblazing path.

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Top Hoosier Moments from Bachelor Ben Higgins’s Indiana Episode

Hollywood tax incentives, shmax incentives. Who needs ’em when you have a Hoosier hometown visit on the reality-show docket?

Amanda Heckert
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Editor’s Note, February 2016: Emerging Indy Coffee and Tech Scenes

How many brilliant tech concepts have been honed over the rich Morning Sky blend at Hubbard & Cravens, or an El Eden roast at Quills?

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Catch Bicentennial Fever: Great Ways to Salute Indiana in 2016

Indiana is going all out to salute the big 2-0-0. Want to get in the Hoosier State spirit? We have a few ideas.

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Hoosier Hall Of Fame: Battle of the Indiana Outdoors

The state presides over one of Indiana’s two most significant outdoor assets, while the feds run the
other. Shall we pit them against one another? Naturally.

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Catch Bicentennial Fever: Time-Travel To 1816 Corydon

If you can’t pay your respects to original capital Corydon this year, head to the Indiana History Center’s You Are There 1816: Indiana Joins the Nation exhibit.

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Hoosier Hall of Fame: The Indiana Authors

If you skipped these classic Hoosier reads in high school, consider this your tl;dr— “too long; didn’t read” in social-media shorthand—synopsis.