Amanda Heckert

January 2016 Cover
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Editor’s Note, January 2016: Inside the IM Redesign

As you hold the redesigned Indianapolis Monthly in your hands this month, you can clearly see change is afoot—and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

December Cover 2015
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Editor’s Note, December 2015: Good Fences, Better Neighbors

When you live in close quarters, you may have no more between you and your neighbors than some drywall.

Amanda Heckert Marching Band
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Editor’s Note, November 2015: Marching Band Memories

More than 15 years after I last put on a marching band uniform, I still find it impossible not to tap my toes when a drumline starts up.

October 2015 Cover - Indiana Backroads
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Editor’s Note, October 2015: Scenic Indiana Backroads

Our adventure reminded me that the best discoveries are found when life moves a little slower than 70 miles per hour.

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Charmed & Dangerous

Could a department-store charm school reform a rebellious teen into a model citizen?

Audrey Barron, owner of Ezra
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Lunch: Light but Mighty

Eating right and feeling full aren’t mutually exclusive at these nutritious lunch spots.

September 2015 Cover
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Editor’s Note, September 2015: Let’s Do Lunch!

My friends called me “Grace” in high school, and I’ll go ahead and clarify that the nickname was ironic.

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Order Direct from the Farms Chefs Love

Here’s how to get fresh, local protein, straight to your doorstep.

Farm to Table
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Eating Homegrown: Ways to Enjoy the Produce Chefs Love

Three options for bringing the lush produce chefs use at local restaurants home to your kitchen

August 2015 Cover
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Editor’s Note, August 2015: Your Guide to Eating Homegrown

I seem to like John Mellencamp more than native Hoosiers do—or at least have a much less complicated relationship with him.

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Eating Homegrown: An Introduction

Almost every notable restaurant in town has one thing in common these days: a reliance on Hoosier farmers.

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Editor’s Note, July 2015: Best New Bars

Indiana adopted “The Crossroads of America” as its motto in 1937, and I’m happy to report the phrase still applies—at least if my loved ones have anything to do with it.

Illustration by Jacqui Oakley
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Something Old, Something New: Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana

What has truly changed since Indiana and same-sex marriage united last June? Nothing—and everything.

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Editor’s Note, June 2015: Lake Michigan Getaways

There’s something about running along the Canal that makes me want to give everyone I see a big thumbs-up.

Indianapolis Monthly - May 2015 - Goodbye Dave!
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Editor’s Note, May 2015: Goodbye, David Letterman!

Who can blame the TV late-night legend and native Hoosier for sticking around longer than he intended? It’s hard to say goodbye to family.