Ashley Petry

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Unspoken Rules of Tree Farms

Axe, no. Bow saw, yes.

A Gen Con art show popped up at the Artsgarden.
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Art’s a-Poppin’!

“It’s a complete shift in the way art is presented and taken in by the local community. Pop-up events are one of the key ways that people experience art now.”

Catch the Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry Show, a family-friendly cover band with its own theme song.
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Carmel PorchFest Rocks the House

The schedule features about 40 solo musicians and bands–in general, one gig per block per time slot. Sets run 45 minutes to an hour.

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Speed Read: Fun-in-the-Sun Rentals

Resources for renting your way to a fantastic summer, featuring paddleboards, pontoon date nights, kayaking tours, and more.

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Speed Read: Ms. Pat’s Raw Talent

“Secrets kill you on the inside,” she says. “When I started to tell my stories onstage, I started to heal.”

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Ask Me Anything: Michael Feinstein, Cabaret Legend

“I think The Phantom of the Opera is one of the worst things that ever happened to Broadway.”

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Ask Me Anything: John Hill of Broad Ripple Brewpub

“Opening the brewpub was a way for me to create a little bit of England here.”

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Top Doctors' Tough Calls: The Heart-Attack Pregnancy

Interventional cardiologist Bradley Weinberg was dealing with a situation that only occurs about once in 20,000 pregnancies, yet he had to think quickly.

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Top Doctors' Tough Calls: The E. Coli Case

While hemolytic uremic syndrome has about a 97 percent survival rate, Owen Boatright’s case was particularly severe.

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Ask Me Anything: Kelly Shea

How do travelers get upgraded to first class? “You never will. Businessmen getting all those frequent-flyer miles are using the upgrades.”

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Ask Me Anything: Father Vincent Lampert

“Most exorcists would agree that when people go on ghost hunts, they’re really encountering demons,” says Father Vincent Lampert.

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Tuning Up: Key Changes at Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra

If interviewing for a job in a packed auditorium sounds like a nightmare, be glad you’re not auditioning to be the new maestro of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.

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Unspoken Rules of the Palladium

Jaguars and Land Rovers get free valet parking. Thank Tom Wood. Also: Book early for Michael Feinstein or Tony Bennett.

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Traveler: New Harmony Weekend

Now celebrating its 200th anniversary and more accessible with the opening of I-69 from Bloomington to Evansville, the town is at its best in early May.

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The New Indy Must-Do List: Attend These Events

Eleven parties, festivals, and games you won’t want to miss in 2014.