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Breanna Cooper

Franklin Greenway Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Franklin Greenway Trail

“It is very user-friendly and also a very sociable trail,” says Franklin College senior Michael Powell. “Everyone you pass waves and greets you.”

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Rare Dali Collection Coming to Zionsville (For Free!)

Christine Argillet, daughter of Salvador Dali’s publicist and confidant, is bringing her family’s exhibit to CV Art Gallery. Argillet spoke with IM about the surrealist artist’s work, the split between his public and private personas, and that ashtray attached to his pet turtle’s back.

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Trump, Technology And Kurt Vonnegut: A Conversation With Lewis Black

This post originally appeared on The Campus Citizen. With partisan politics, fake news, and the rise of President Donald Trump, there’s plenty of potential material for comedians and entertainers. On his current “Rant, White & Blue” tour, comedian Lewis Black, in typical fashion, isn’t holding back. The 68-year old comedian takes the stage to discuss […]

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A Quick Q&A With Mark Sexton

Famous for casinos and quick divorces, Reno, Nevada, is also home to a bustling music scene. For Mark Sexton, guitarist and vocalist for The Sextones, Reno serves as a community for a melting pot of musicians inspired by different genres and sounds that make the local music scene stand out from much of the country. […]

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Quick Q&A With The Right Now’s Brendan O’Connell

“There’s something in this collective that is just a little bit magical,” says O’Connell. “If it wasn’t the right group of seven people, it’d be different. But with this lineup, somehow the bigger group makes things more fun.”

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Quick Q&A With Boston Pops Conductor Keith Lockhart

While the Boston Pops Orchestra is known for symphonic renditions of popular contemporary hits, in the spring of its 132nd season, the group pays tribute to a historic American composer with By George! The Boston Pops Plays Gershwin, led by conductor Keith Lockhart. The show arrives at the Palladium in Carmel on April 2 as […]

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A Mind-Bending Riddle In A Dangerous Destination

“I was supposed to be writing another play. Suddenly, there was a shift of energy, a wake-up call, a force that I couldn’t ignore—and without completely understanding the urgency, I knew I had to follow this story.”