Casey Kenley

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Planting My Flag

When I married into a prominent local family, I assumed it would become just a minor part of my identity. Now that my marriage has ended, I realize I was wrong.

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Profile: Abbi Merriss

The Course Instructor

A mason jar full of multicolored paper straws
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The Paper Straw Pioneers

A Fort Wayne company knew it all along—plastic straws suck.

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A Eulogy for St. Joseph’s College

“In addition to practical questions about how to pay off its $27 million debt and handle student transfers, more philosophical, painful ones have emerged: How did this happen? What will this do to Rensselaer? Who’s to blame?”

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Hot On The Trails: Noblesville’s White River Greenway

Training for a solo ride from Noblesville to San Francisco, Emma Fisher uses the greenway to head out of town and onto the rural roads of northern Hamilton County. “Potter’s Bridge is the beginning and end of my journey every time, so it’s special,” says Fisher, who likes to hang a hammock between trees and take a breather on the riverbank.

Fall Creek Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Indy’s Fall Creek Trail

“I wish I could show my friends how cool this ride is,” says downtown attorney and bike commuter Jay Church. “The entire length is in the city, but offers a quiet, natural experience. Traffic moves fast on Fall Creek Parkway, but otherwise you wouldn’t know you’re in a dense urban environment.”

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Hot On the Trails: Indy’s Town Run Trail Park

Trek women’s advocate Kate Nolan has ridden Town Run for 20 years. “It’s very flowy. There are lots of short step-ups and -downs, and I love the drops,” she says. “It has plenty of terrain changes, from hilly and windy to dirt berms in the prairie.”

White River Wapahani Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Indy’s White River Wapahani Trail

“I love the trail south of the zoo,” says Andrew Hector, a downtown runner working up to a marathon. “It’s pretty much just you, the woods, and the river … a little oasis in the city.”

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Confessions Of A Free-Range Parent

The expectation to do what is right for our children is intense, and most of us heap pressure on ourselves and feel guilt without being judged by others. But there is more than one way to be a good mom or dad.

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On the Brand Wagon

Global brands like Airbnb and Under Armour are keeping an eye the progress of these three competing Indiana businesses.

Beat copy
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The Story Behind the Indianapolis Opera’s New Vonnegut Production

“If I had a dime for every time someone came up to me and said, ‘I’m composing an opera,’ I’d be rich,” says the Indianapolis Opera managing director. “But as soon as Richard said ‘Kurt Vonnegut,’ I sat up a little straighter.”

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Meet Indy’s Personal Fitness Concierge

Open Gym is a fitness pass that gives you access to nearly 400 classes at 40-plus Indy gyms and studios. The only rule: Don’t get too comfortable—you can only visit the same location four times in one month.

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Pro Tips for Mini Training from Matt Ebersole

Running the Mini this year? Prep starts now. Here, the owner of Personal Best Training shares his tips.

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Lofty Ambitions

Indy’s new climbing facility works your mind, then your muscles.

Andrea Jackson of Harvestland Farm, Anderson
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What It’s Like Growing More Than Produce

As part of Aspire Indiana, a mental-health center, Harvestland Farm where Andrea Jackson works as foreman hires those with a barrier to employment.