Cathy Kightlinger

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Shoptalk: Peloton

A New Spin

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Why They Burn The Hoosier National Forest

Not all forest fires are bad.

Cars race around the dirt track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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Racing Diehards Share Tips To Enjoying The Dirt Track At IMS

Gonna catch us ridin’ dirty.

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CrossFit, Examined

The workouts not only make you stronger, faster, more agile, and cut; they should help you more easily carry groceries, pick up your child, and outrun a mugger.

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Quick Q&A with Conductor Brent Havens

“(Orchestras) would say, ‘Our audience won’t be interested in this.’ Our point was, ‘We aren’t looking for your audience. We’re looking for classic-rock fans.'”

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Cross Examined

A beginner’s guide to the CrossFit craze.

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Nine Indy Workout Hotspots

Calorie-burns fit for fun summer living. Ready for Zumba in the pool and spinning to Poison?

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Ask Me Anything: Rachael Hoover Lekic

Martha Hoover’s middle child, a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, is readying the family biz’s next addition for a summer opening.

Scott Jones in his office at home—yes, the one with the indoor spiral slide.
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Ask Me Anything: Scott Jones

The entrepreneur discusses the next hot thing in social media, how his marriage survived last summer’s Twitter scandal (when his wife accused him of cheating), and relationship advice.

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Can All-Star Paul George Become a Bona Fide Celebrity?

Paul George is a soft-spoken homebody who’s pictured more often with a fishing pole in his hand than a martini glass. The good news: George says he likes the newfound attention. “Now it’s just [about] getting out of my comfort zone and being part of big events,” he says.

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The New Indy Must-Do List: George Hill's Hometown Favorites

“I’m the one who gets out in the open and runs around. A lot of my teammates hide and shoot. I come and get you,” says George Hill in regards to paintballing.

Alexander Jones, Scott Jones
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At Home: Alexander Jones's Dinosaur Museum

Alex Indiana Jones ordered most of his 200 animals through Amazon and eagerly awaits the day when he can have new ones shipped via the company’s Prime Air.

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At Home: Laura Steele's Sound Studio

About that time Aerosmith played Deer Creek, and Steven Tyler walked up and licked her cheek …

Jeff Saturday
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Photos: Jeff Saturday's Fundraiser to Benefit Burn-Victim Kids

Super Bowl for Saturday’s Kids benefited burn victims, a cause that hits close to home for the former Colt and his wife. See the parade of current and erstwhile Colts, IndyCar stars, and more celebrities who attended, including a reality-TV star and a kid reporter.