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Chris Ryan

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The Marijuana Advocate

Since 2013, I’ve been out in California preparing for the day when Indiana legalizes medical marijuana. My family has been involved in the cultivation of cannabis from my earliest ancestors. I moved to Bakersfield from Indy and took up the family business, so to speak. Operating under the name Hoosier Farms, I began growing and […]

Black and white images of anonymous people with their heads covered by smoke.
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Burning Secrets

“I started smoking weed in eighth grade, and I smoked pretty much all through high school. I was one of those girls who didn’t like to be told, ‘You shouldn’t do this.’”

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The Continuing Criticism Of Trey Hollingsworth

“It feels like he’s the embodiment of the brokenness of our democracy,” says one Hollingsworth critic.

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Is Indiana On The Verge Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana?

“You’re going to be shocked,” says one advocate. “I think we have a realistic chance, as long as we do a good job with the summer study. I think we can get it as early as the next General Assembly.”