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Craig Fehrman

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Mike Pence Packs His Baggage

Pence’s RFRA push backfired, it seems, costing him in the battle of ideas. And that may be his true legacy in the Hoosier State.

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What Kind of VP Will Pence Be?

It’s impossible to tell how they’ll work together. Here, three ways this could play out for the Hoosier governor.

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Off the Wall: Mike Pence and Immigration

Before Trump became the face of anti-immigration, Pence championed a very different approach.

Juniper copy
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A Conversation with Tom and Kelley French, Authors of Juniper

“I would ask the doctors, ‘Will Juniper be normal? Will she go to kindergarten?’ They said they didn’t know.”

Bill Hudnut
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Bill Hudnut: A Man of His Word

The beloved former mayor’s opinions are as sharp as ever. Here, he reflects on his time at the helm of Indianapolis and takes Indiana’s Republican Party to task.

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Burned: The Little Nashville Opry

The jury’s decision stunned the sleepy town. As one Nashville denizen told IM, “Good luck finding someone who admits to knowing those two now. The entire community thinks they’re guilty as sin.”

Mike Pence
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INcoming: Mike Pence

To understand the chasm currently separating Indiana’s political parties, all you need to do is picture their election-night celebrations. On November 6, the Democrats chose a sedate ballroom at the Downtown Marriott. The Republicans, who were marching toward supermajorities in the House and the Senate, chose the end zone at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Struggling: The Medora Hornets went 0-22 the year of the New York Times article, and like the town, haven
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Game Film: Medora

The basketball team wasn’t the only thing best described as scrappy.

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The Future of the NCAA

On the west side of downtown Indianapolis, just before the sprawl of IUPUI, sits a $50 million temple to amateurism. That’s the headquarters of the NCAA, the national organization that tries to keep the “college” in college sports.

milan indiana long shot opener
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Long Shot

Milan could be any small Indiana town—except, of course, for its high-school basketball team, which won the state title almost 60 years ago. Now, a few locals are trying to adapt that history into a basketball museum and a bid at reviving their town. But could Milan’s legacy actually be what keeps it from moving forward?