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Connie Zeigler

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Backtrack: Speed King

On a marathon drive from L.A. to New York in 1929, Cannon Ball stayed alert by drinking a quart of olive oil and downing bags of peanuts.

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Backtrack: Talk of the Town

There were Shrine bands, drill teams, even hula dancers, each group more intricately choreographed and elaborately attired than the last. The Zor Temple members from Madison, Wisconsin, surpassed them all by prancing the streets on tall, hairy, spitting, knobby-kneed camels. Still, it was tall, knobby-kneed Harold Lloyd who most thrilled the onlookers.

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Backtrack: A Short Ride

In early May 1906, activity at the corner of Washington and Gray streets, three blocks away from what’s now Rural Street, was causing a stir. The source of the ruckus: Wonderland Amusement Park, soon to appear on two near-eastside city blocks that had been a baseball field. By May 13, the frame of the Scenic […]

Dyngus Day
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Unspoken Rules: Dyngus Day at the Chatterbox

Brush up on the chicken dance.

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Backtrack: Trailblazing Trip

Eleanor Roosevelt spent a long day in Indianapolis campaigning for better conditions for coal miners.

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Ode to the Original City Market

By the 1950s, the city was changing, and so was the market. The building showed signs of age and was still a couple of decades away from a major 1970s renovation, which added stalls and restaurants and lent the structure a described “French Quarter flair.”

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Saving Grace: Restoring a Lavish Indy Manor

See the impressive restoration of an English manor–style home, originally the Lacy mansion, on Indianapolis’s northwest side.