Emily Taylor

Illustration by Jacqui Oakley
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War of the Roses: The Aftereffects of RFRA

RFRA goes into effect next month—but the law won’t be the last battle over LGBT rights.

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Icing on the Cake: The Local Economics of Same-Sex Marriage

Rings, flowers, musicians, dresses—opening up weddings to a new segment of spenders could mean big bucks for the Hoosier bottom line.

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Last Call for American Craft Beer Week

A toast the best of the fermented offerings around town.

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Making the Rounds at the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival

How to drink up the Bloomington Brewfest.

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Drinktionary: The Meaning of Slacktivist

Sun King Brewery and Three Floyds release their third collaboration brew, Slacktivist.

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Spoke & Steele Gets a Handle on Indy

Take a look at its barrel-aged cocktail program.

Illustration by Richard Mia
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Politics: Power Plays Behind Clean Energy This Session

Indiana became the first state to enact an energy-savings plan and then slash it.

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In Session: HB 1351 Could Be Good for Biz, Bad for Environment

It might not generate the same headlines as some other policy issues, but this understated 2015 legislative item is hardly the least important.

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Under the Gun: Tracking One Deadly Crime Spree

Nathan Trapuzzano was set to celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary with wife Jennifer a month after the shooting. She gave birth to their child weeks later.

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Street Savvy: Butler-Tarkington

Headed to Clowes Memorial Hall? Oh Yumm! Bistro serves the best pre-show light dinner in the neighborhood.

Photo by Courtney Alwine
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Laverne Cox of Orange Is the New Black Speaks at Purdue

Says the actress, “It is my belief that the greatest obstacles facing the transgender community are points of view that disavow our identities and suggest that no matter what we do, we are always the gender we are assigned at birth.”

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Award-Baiting Play 'I and You' Now Playing at Phoenix Theatre

“The moral of it is very much related back to what Whitman is trying to teach—that everyone is a part of everything, everywhere,” says Katherine Shelton (Caroline). “No one really dies, because everyone lives.”

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Indiana Gay-Marriage Ban Is a No-Go in 2014

A question remains: Is Freedom Indiana here to stay? “What I am willing to say is that we are certainly in a good position with HJR-3,” says campaign manager Megan Robertson. “Hopefully this is the last we hear of it, but if it’s not, then we will be back to fight it.”

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New Group of Young Hoosiers Supports HJR-3

“We came together to show the legislature that there are young people who believe in traditional marriage,” says Chris Knight, a student. “Other groups like Freedom Indiana have tried to push to the media that young people are on their side.”

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Man of Steel: Adam Graef and Rogue Decor

“That is kind of my pet peeve,” Adam Graef says, “when you walk into a store, and something is really cool but not for sale.”