Jeff Vrabel

A burst of flames onstage at a concert
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Metallica Rocks Indy

Metallica covering Mellencamp is not a thing I thought I’d be writing in 2019.

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The Mascot Hall Of Fame Opens

“This is why it’s going to work,” says the Hall’s founder. “Whiting has shown how they can get people there. They embrace this silliness.”

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How To: Eat Your Way Around IMS

Of the food options at IMS, one vendor stated, “People get them for their dogs.”

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Ed Rudisell Is Causing A Stir

We’ll have whatever he’s drinking.

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The Wurlitzer's Last Waltz

As a pizza place, it was a pizza place. But the main attraction at the old Paramount Music Palace was a massive Wurlitzer organ—with extra cheese.

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Two Chicks From Good Bones Head Into Second Season

With the first season of Good Bones under their tool belts, HGTV’s new reno queens have constructed an audience of 13 million and given Fountain Square its star turn. Can the hosts build on the buzz? Stay tuned.

Mellencamp in 1980
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John Mellencamp’s 10 Greatest Indiana Shows

Here are our choices, presented in chronological order because we can’t really rank them. Well, except for maybe that one.