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Jennifer Burnham

Big-4 Rail Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Zionsville’s Big-4 Rail Trail

Formerly known as the Zionsville Rail Trail, the Big-4 Rail Trail, a greenway through the heart of the northwestern suburb, is a favorite of children and parents, at the center of a sprawling system that spans Boone County.

Indy 500 infield tips
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Pro Tips For Indy 500 Infield First-Timers

Tip no. 9: Carry the right-sized cooler, or security will ask you to leave yours behind at the gate. “But what about all my booze?!” Exactly.

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Unspoken Rules: Long’s Bakery

Wait out the morning crunch and risk finding your faves sold out. Solution: Call the day before and preorder a box.

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Street Savvy: Fulton Street

Rent Directly across from Mass Ave, Circa Apartments is no cookie-cutter complex. A local design studio created a hip lounge area with garage doors and a makerspace for residents. 617 N. College Ave., 317-668-4042, Rummage A strip of warehouses has become an under-the-radar retail niche. One of the businesses is Reclaimed Vintage Industrial, where […]

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Street Savvy: Speedway

Once-idle Main Street roars to life with exciting new amenities.

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Overheard on the Indianapolis 500 Red Carpet

Celebrities walked the 2015 Indianapolis 500 red carpet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Blown Away: A Thanksgiving Lesson

On Thanksgiving, I returned to the house. It looked like an oversized dollhouse; you could see the remains of the second floor from outside.

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Overheard in the Indy 500 Snake Pit

“I’m not that drunk, I swear. Just dance with me, “ slurred a clearly intoxicated sweaty thirtysomething man, who insisted I take a photo with him. I respectfully declined.

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Indy 500 Snake Pit: A Rookie's Guide

No. 9: “Be open to meeting new people. We are Hoosiers with hospitality. And if you lose a flip-flop, don’t stress. You will probably find one as you’re leaving.”

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Sneak Peek: Glamping at the Indy 500

Why race fans will spend up to $1,100 for a four-night stay in a tent.

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12 Things to Expect Next from Dame Angela Ahrendts

In the wake of her new titles as both a dame in the British Empire and a Senior VP of Retail at Apple Inc., we’re wondering just what the locally born Ball State alumna will tackle next.

Amanda Dorman outside The Maxwell on Ohio Street downtown.
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Get to Know Indy's Young Professionals

A guide to prime living locations in Indianapolis for twentysomething pros, with a few surprises: “I have seen anything from random shopping carts on fire hydrants to dresses on stop signs.”

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Regatta Recap: Speedos, Sno Cones, and Dogs—Oh My!

The ducks of the downtown Canal had company on Saturday as IUPUI students paddled a half-mile stretch of the murky water for the fifth annual Regatta—a canoe race among student organizations and school departments.

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Video: Vocal Throwdown at Indiana State Fair

More than 160 young Hoosiers sent in tapes of their finest vocals for a chance to battle at the State Fair’s rendition of American Idol, its first-ever Vocal Throwdown.

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Trending: Mobile Fashion Boutiques

Boho Pretty’s Amber Huber also helms the Broad Ripple store Redemption, and spent the past decade versing herself on this new business tactic that’s proven profitable on both coasts.