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Jared Hay

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Q&A with Hoosier Transplant Author Ben Winters

Never in my life have I lived anywhere with that kind of public accommodation. People go out of their way to be useful and helpful in a way that is unusual. There’s this base-level courtesy. After being in Los Angeles for an hour, I was like, “How come everyone is a jerk?”

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Tweets of the Week: Veepstakes Edition

Here, our favorite tweets from the chaos that has been #Veepstakes.

Bluebridge “Each department has its own space, but the areas all connect in the middle. And the coolest thing happens: People collaborate there at the center. It sort of forces a collision between employees from different departments, and that’s where the big ideas happen.” — Santiago Jaramillo, founder and CEO
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Q&A with Bluebridge’s Santiago Jaramillo

“First, we sometimes have this self-effacing Hoosier humble confidence that can swing too much into being ashamed of Indiana and talking down Indiana. That does us no good.”

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Bonus Photos from Ravenswood

Can’t get enough of the Ravenswood shindig? We have more photos from the Fourth-of-July tradition.

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David Letterman Opens up on His Beard, Broad Ripple, and Women in Late Night Television

Letterman told Tom Brokaw he grew the beard because he was tired of shaving every day for forty years.

Lear 2
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The Richmond Shakespeare Festival Enters its Third Act

“If you come to Richmond, you are really going to find world-class Shakespeare.”

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Dining Discovery: Porter Books and Bread

You have to look for it, tucked in among the winding roads and renovated historic barracks of Fort Benjamin Harrison. But your efforts will be rewarded with locally roasted nitro coffee on tap and freshly baked focaccia at this two-story, book-lined alcove reminiscent of a college student union.

Leslie Lewis
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My Look: Vintage Enthusiast

Leslie Lewis shares her secrets finding the best vintage clothing at vintage shops and secondhand stores around Indianapolis.

Arthur Newby
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Newby Oval: The Track Before the Track

One of the Speedway’s gonzo founders hit a wall with his first racing venue.

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Scenes from the Original Farmers’ Market

Stop by City Market every Wednesday to take in the Original Farmers’ Market.

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Flavor of the Month: Pickled Mustard Seeds

Sometimes referred to as mustard caviar, the garnish looks and behaves texturally like its pickled-roe namesake, without the staggering price tag.

Luxury Sneaker Exchange
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Fancy Footwork: Luxury Sneaker Exchange

Former Pacer Fred Jones and Carl Bradley bring a strong sneaker game to Mass Ave with The Luxury Sneaker Exchange.

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Mane Event: Lexington Beats the Derby by a Length

Louisville may have two famous minutes of thundering action this month, but another well-bred Kentucky city, Lexington, has virtually everything else equestrian.

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Meet the Classical Revolution

Catch casual, monthly jazz riffs by moonlighting ISO players every first Tuesday of the month at the Chatterbox.

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AMA: Adam Henze, Official Indy 500 Poet

“It’s not a poem about cars. It’s a poem about people who love cars.”