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Jared Hay

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April Foodie of the Month: Kristina Mazza of Hoagies & Hops

“I was tired of always waiting for my friends to send me the good stuff from back home.”

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Josh Kaufman to Sing ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’ With Indianapolis Children’s Choir

2014 Voice champ and IUPUI graduate will sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” with accompaniment by the Indianapolis Children’s Choir for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 this year.

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New England Patriots Fans Sue the NFL Over ‘Deflategate’

On behalf of victimized Patriots fans everywhere, a group of Patriots fans filed a lawsuit against the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell, and Robert Kraft. Yes, that Robert Kraft.

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Flavor of the Month: Morel Mushrooms

Oakleys Bistro serves a morel buttermilk waffle, topped with pork cheeks, morel compound butter, and Indiana sorghum syrup.

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Polina Osherov On The Problem­ —And Promise— Of Downtown Shopping

For every person who is excited about “made in Indiana,” 50 end up shopping at their local Target. What’s ironic is that these same people don’t mind driving downtown to drop $100 on dinner.

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Big City Problems: The Super Bowl Hangover

Former Mayor Bill Hudnut was in Indy a few months back. He drew close, grasped my shoulder, and pointedly asked me, “What’s next for Indy? What are you excited about?”

And I finally had an answer.

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Big City Problems: Sharing the Road

Meanwhile, tensions between drivers and cyclists seem more heated than ever. From my viewpoint—while some rogue cyclists flout the road rules—a collision between a 15-pound bike and a half-ton car typically ends with only one loser.

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BlueIndy: We Answer the Questions the Owner’s Manual Doesn’t

Laying down on the gas feels a little bit like a go-cart, but no one designed an urban road for V-8 engines in the first place, no matter what car commercials show you.

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Test Drive: Float Therapy

If you’re looking to soak up some peace and quiet—and who isn’t?—then take the plunge and float your cares away.

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Shoptalk: Love Your Body Boutique

You’ll want to take a breather to peruse Nora loungewear shop Love Your Body, where owner Lisa Berry’s mantra is “downward dog to date night.”

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Objects of Confection

Something about adulthood convinced us that cake is for special occasions only. Good news! Every Friday is a special occasion at 10 Johnson Avenue.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Channels Hillary Clinton With Dreary Indy Photo

The “Veep” brings out all our insecurities with one dreary photo.

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Encounter: The Indy Air Bears

Think back to the jump-roping you might have done in school—all that playground thudding and criss-crossing, while you intoned a few little rhymes. Now add spins, twists, multiple airborne teenagers, and some light breakdancing, and you’ve got the Indy Air Bears.

Human Festival
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A Touch of Broadway in Louisville

The Humana Festival of New American Plays hosted by Actors Theatre of Louisville has given birth to several Pulitzer Prize winners and launched the early careers of talents such as Tony Award–winning playwright Marsha Norman and Oscar winner Kathy Bates.

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Bread Winner: Charlie McIntosh

Cranking out artisan loaves at Amelia’s bakery, Charlie McIntosh rises above the rest.