Jared Hay

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High Note: Angela Brown

“I know I’m biased, but Hilbert Circle Theatre is one of my favorites.”

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Tweets of the Week: Highlights from Peyton Manning’s Final Farewell

From quoting Forrest Gump to a St. Elmo shout-out, Manning delivered a fitting farewell to his 18-year career.

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Skrillex Comes to the Snake Pit

“Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. And let the bass drop!”

The Hot Room
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Body Wise: The Hot Room

When Kalgaonkar discovered after moving here that Indy lacked a Bikram option, she didn’t meditate long before opening The Hot Room’s northside location in 2013. Now, downtown has its first studio devoted to the Bikram brand of heated practice.

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Mass Market: Small Mall

Mass Ave’s mini mall reps indie vendors.

Madam Walker
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Madam C.J. Walker: Uncommon Drive

To the rest of the country, Madam C.J. Walker may have been a name on shampoo containers in African-American households. But it was here, perhaps, that the industrious and indefatigable pioneer loomed largest as an inspirational figure and community member.

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9 Reasons to Care About the NFL Combine

This month, every pro-football big shot and real-life Jerry Maguire comes to town to evaluate this year’s NFL draft prospects. Here’s why you should care.

Michael Uslan
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Ask Me Anything: Michael Uslan

Hollywood bigwig Michael Uslan ushered his comic-book idol onto the big screen in Batman and has been with the Dark Knight in every film since, including next month’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A hero’s work is never done: The Indiana University grad is teaching a film course this semester at his alma mater.

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Indy in Snow: @IgersIndy

The @IgersIndy crew is planning their next meet-up (#circlecitysesh33) at Fort Harrison State Park this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. With a fresh coat of snow this week, the Instagram forecast calls for a blizzard of brilliant photos from the crew this weekend.

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Boarding Past: Downtown’s Transit Stations

Ask anyone where the sport of people-watching reigns supreme, and inevitably, travel portals will top the list.

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Meet @IgersIndy

Three years and 32 sessions in, the group has upped its profile, scoring its first art exhibit and invitations to restricted spaces, like The Children’s Museum’s archives. They have roamed an empty Union Station and framed artsy shots of barbed wire at Traders Point Creamery.

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Indiana’s Top Distilleries

When Indiana passed an artisan-distilling law in 2013, boozy applause erupted in all corners of the state.

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Swoon of the Month: Scapegoat Bakery + Spekeri

With Jedediah and Erica Martin’s dream project, Shelbyville gets a taste of Norway featuring cured meats, baked goods, and kanelsnurrer.

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Tweets of the Week: Sports Media Brawl

“Most local sports media taking a tongue lashing today! Not easy forecasting the future is it? Welcome to our world! Signed, Meteorologist”

Jamie Hyneman
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Ask Me Anything: Jamie Hyneman

“It’s odd—I’m someone who is not very gregarious, doesn’t crave attention, doesn’t talk much and am not that good at it. And yet for the longest single period in my life of doing one thing, that’s exactly what’s been required of me. That’s why I’m often told I seem cranky on-camera.”