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Kate Franzman

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Panel Discussion: A Hit Graphic Novel Gets a Sequel

“Only this kind of coverage could have brought the faces and missions of the movement to millions of otherwise-indifferent white dinner tables.”

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Bee Public: A Firsthand Look at Beekeeping

Last year, writer Kate Franzman quit her office job to become an Indy beekeeper. Here, the adventures she’s had a long the way.

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Meow Meow Brings Her Act to The Cabaret

The Australian performer, appearing at the Columbia Club on April 11, isn’t sure how she acquired her musical tastes, “but the muses responsible should probably be arrested.”

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Artur Silva Hosts Hot Art-Infused Dance Parties

“I think the American experience is best represented in the middle of the country,” he says, “and to talk about [that] through my work is an entry point to talking about who we are as people.”

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Quick Q&A: Georgeanna Smith

“I grew up seeing The Nutcracker over and over, so I was excited to direct my own take. I thought, instead of Clara’s sweet little dream, I’ll make it a fever dream—one of those creepy delusions you have when you’re a kid and sick. They’re not exactly nightmares. They’re just weird.”

Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Indianapolis Monthly
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Ask Me Anything: Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Pediatrician-Turned-Wrestler

“I’ll wrestle ‘Hannah the Ferocious Banana’—cute little girl, but don’t let her fool you. She is not a nice person in the ring. Sometimes, we have to lift her off the ground by her ponytails.”

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Mastering the Tweed Ride

Dig out a dandy outfit and don’t miss this side of British biking culture.

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Quick Q&A: Mario Venzago

The former ISO musical director joins his old colleagues for a reunion concert Nov. 1–2 at Hilbert Circle Theatre. We conducted a brief interview before the show.

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Quick Q&A With Vess Ruhtenberg

On Oct. 4 at iMOCA, the local rockstar and architecture buff launched an exhibit of works by his grandfather Jan Ruhtenberg, a modernist designer. Here, a minimalist interview.

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Indiana State Museum Has a New Show With Legs

Our expert pulls up a chair and assesses a new furniture exhibit.

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Q&A: Danny Huston of North American Midway

With the Indiana State Fair opening today, we caught up with the owner of North American Midway, a lifelong Hoosier who has been operating the rides for 20 years.

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Q&A: Andy Murphy of Across the Arts (and Yes, Ryan's Mom)

“If you want the arts to thrive in your area, you have to support them with funding. Apparently, our community’s priorities are elsewhere.”

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Q&A: Reverend Peyton, Rock Bandleader

IM: What was the first six-string you owned?
RP: A Kay State of the Art. If you know anything about guitars, you know Kays are the cheapest kind there is. It was an electric, but it had no amplifier when I got it, so it was really quiet. But it made my hands strong. Actually, I wish I had that guitar back.

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Street Savvy: Virginia Avenue

At first whiff, you might think you’ve stumbled into a French bakery at Lilly’s Soap Kitchen (below). The handmade soaps here look like slabs of swirled pound cake and come in yummy scents.

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Q&A: Cindy Simon Skjodt, Snakepit Ball Planner

Q: Have you ever been star-struck at your own party? A: When President Clinton was at my house, that was the greatest impression anyone has ever made on me. He was amazing—gobs of charisma. But I really don’t get star-struck anymore at my age.