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Kate Shoup

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Lindy Thackston Brings Fresh Voice to IMS

Thackston is the newest member of the public-announcer crew at IMS—and only the third woman in the track’s 100-plus-year history to hold such a position.

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What to Do When Your Boyfriend's Race Team Wins the Indy 500

Four tips for when your boyfriend wins the Indy 500

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Faces of the Indy 500

Helio. Simona. JR. Susie Wheldon. They’re all here, and Kate Shoup got up close and personal with each of them for IM’s May Madness blog.

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Over the Wall: The Indy 500’s Only Female Mechanic

The Indianapolis 500: It’s fast! It’s exciting! It’s … well, it’s a real sausage fest.