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Speed Read: Dream Cars Exhibit

The IMA hopes its first foray into vehicles reaches 75,000 in attendance, which would make Dream Cars one of the IMA’s largest events ever.

John G. Roberts portrait
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Our Dream Commencement Speakers

“You can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are. And you can’t participate in our democracy if you don’t know how it works.” —Supreme Court justice John Roberts

Photo by Tony Valainis
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Thank You for Calling The Dan Dakich Show. Now Shut the Hell Up.

When you tune in, you are on Dakich’s team. He will teach you. Lecture you. Tell you to “sack up.” He will hang up on you and call you an idiot.

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Speed Read: 10 Outtakes from A Christmas Story

Warner Bros. asked Porky’s director Bob Clark to make a sequel to his blockbuster sex comedy. He said he would—if the studio would bankroll A Christmas Story.

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Cracking Indiana's New Area Code

After 930 is introduced, Southern Indiana shouldn’t need another area code for at least 70 years.

Top Doctors. Indianapolis Monthly. November 2013.
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In Praise of Indy's Top-Notch Nurses

Even the best doctors can’t be around for constant care. For that, thank goodness, we have nurses.

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Changes at White River State Park: Lawn Gone?

Until The Lawn has a permanent space, “it’s really nothing more than a temporary facility that could go away at a moment’s notice.”

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Columbus, Indiana, Has a New Angle

The people of Columbus want to keep building. In the words of J. Irwin Miller, “Never play it safe. Take the big risk.”

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Chorus Lines: Straight No Chaser

“Mike [Luginbill]’s the heartthrob; he’s the looker. We’ve got this ongoing joke. After every show, we do a signing line and photos. There’s another line of girls who want their picture with just Mike.”

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Front & Center: Pagano's Horse Power

As for Chuckstrong’s future, the Colts are following Pagano’s lead—and his priority is to restore normalcy. “We need to get back to Coltstrong,” Pagano says. “That’s where the focus should be.”

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Spock 'n' Roll: Local Star Trek Band

The Trekkies from Five Year Mission are boldly going where no nerds have gone before: writing a song about each episode of the original, 1960s Star Trek series.

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How it Works: Victory Field's Lawn

Stevenson or someone on his crew mows the field nearly every day during the season, keeping the Kentucky bluegrass right at 1 inch tall to ensure the ball rolls consistently on dirt and turf.

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What Will Zeller Do? An Amish Man Knows

Forget the NBA mock drafts and IU fan sites. Amid the speculation about whether Cody Zeller will go pro or stay in school, your best source may be the Amish guy who installed my dad’s windows.