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Lindsay Fisher

Mr. Muffin
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Shoptalk: Mr. Muffin’s Trains

The steam of locomotives now swirls in the sleepy streets of Atlanta with the arrival of a classic holiday-time depot, Mr. Muffin’s Trains.

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Street Savvy: Cicero

Here’s where to go to explore this laid-back slice of small-town life.

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Planted Shop Takes Root in Carmel

This new gardening and houseplants shop looks like the potting shed of your dreams with thick ferns and pretty urns scattered amid rustic work tables.

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Foodie: Ed Sahm Plays with Fire

“I loved making my own dough, and I always wanted to open a pizza place, but time gets away from you,” he says.

Big Hoffa
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Street Savvy: Downtown Westfield

“Westfield is still pretty homey and keeps its heritage. In the summer, we perform vignettes in the cemeteries about prominent figures interred there.”

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Less Is More at Two New Boutiques

The owners of Uber parted ways and opened their own stores—which means more clean, modern style for the faithful.

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The Rite Stuff: A New Trend in Party Planning

“People plan their wedding and their kids’ parties. Why wouldn’t you want some planning behind [your memorial service]?” says Circle Unbroken founder Anne-Marie Dezelan.

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Street Savvy: Main Street, Carmel

The new owner of girly-glam PillowTalk, one of the city’s only lingerie specialty stores, now hosts private bachelorette parties and bridal showers. The boutique’s closed blinds leave a message: “No peeking; we’re having a private party.”

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Clowes Encounters: 5 Backstage Celebrity Tales

“This was during Judy Garland’s wild period, and everyone was on pins and needles to make sure she got to Clowes Hall …”

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Get Hippie: Free People Store Now at the Fashion Mall

Casual confidence, an undertone of femininity, and prices in the $100 range at this younger corporate sister to Anthropologie.

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My Look: Suede Shoes

“They’re my lucky shoes. Their trial run was the 2012 slating convention, where I spoke in front of 500 people. It worked out—I was elected.”

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Dear Miss Monon: Trail & Error

Question: A friend says my Instagramming is disruptive to other trail-users, but everyone “hearts” my tilted shots of trees and bridges. What’s the verdict?