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Marc D. Allan

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Second Edition: VonnegutFest Returns

The CliffsNotes guide to celebrating all things Vonnegut in 2017.

Wissing Book copy
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Three New Books by Hoosier Authors

“Over the course of this fast-moving thriller, the crimes intersect in what promises to be yet another New York Times bestselling novel.”

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Phish vs. The Grateful Dead

“One fan described the show as ‘the highest octane, most high-energy playing I ever heard from the Grateful Dead.'”

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A Popular Indiana Travel Website is Now a Book

“People come from all around the world to see it.”

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Meet the Teens of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra

As the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra prepares for its April 10 anniversary concert, we talked with four of them about the high notes of their careers.

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Quick Q&A with Patty Griffin

“There’s a social consciousness to my music, particularly related to women. That’s clear to me now, and it wasn’t when I was younger.”

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Peeking Under the Covers of a New IMA Exhibit

“I look at this and I think, Whoa! That is a lot of work.

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Lily Interviews Madeleine (And Vice Versa)

Keep It Together debuts on New West Records—their first on a major label.

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Young, Wild, and Free with Young Actors Theatre

Big, whimsical visuals. “We’ll have lots of wigs that may or may not come to life,” Runge says. “It’s going to be like a live cartoon.”

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Letters to Santa Claus (Indiana)

“So the reindeers want carrots and you want Pepsi and pasta for Christmas this year. Great choice!”

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Art for All

Cocktail hours! Hands-on shows! Cheap lobster! These are just some of the tools local arts groups are using to attract newer, often younger, crowds. Why this is a new survival skill for them—and what’s in store for you as a result.

IndyFringe Indy Eleven
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Welcome to the New Indy Eleven Theatre

Pauline Moffat remembers thinking: “Here’s a man with vision. He’s starting at a grassroots level with soccer, just as the Fringe did with performance.”

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Five New Books with Indiana Ties

Five new books with Indiana ties, and a few road trips they inspire.

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Indianapolis Opera Stages a Comeback

Larry Legend loves opera? There’s a twist as unexpected as the one in Oedipus Rex. “Why not support the arts?” Bird says. “It’s important for the city and everyone who lives here.”

Know No Stranger delivers Optical Popsicle, an annual fest of art, fun, and frozen delights.
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12 Indie Arts Groups Transforming the City's Scene

“Now, in addition to having a vibrant local food/local beer movement, [Indianapolis has] a parallel local arts movement.”