Mary Milz

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Realty Check: What $940K Gets You in Lockerbie Square

The owners’ inventive concept is now a welcome addition in Lockerbie Square.

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Speed Read: Swimmer Jim Barber Is Sea Worthy

The ultimate accomplishment for long-distance swimmers is the Oceans Seven, the world’s most challenging open-water swims. This month, the 54-year-old will continue his mission to become the club’s oldest member.

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Realty Check: What $170K Gets You in Windsor Park

Owners David and Heidi Hedrick traipsed through nearly 80 other historical properties in the downtown area before discovering this space that highlighted preserved vintage features and came at an affordable price.

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Big Ideas From Indy's Past

Talk about a Hail Mary. In 1982, city leaders built an NFL stadium without a team.

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Realty Check: What $2.5 Million Gets You on Lake Wawasee

This spread on Lake Wawasee’s northwest shore boasts its own private island.

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Realty Check: What $675K Gets You in Pike Township

Built in 1961, the 2,864-square-foot limestone-brick estate with four bedrooms and two baths draws from Courtenay Macomber’s fascination with the famous architect Le Corbusier and his modular approach to design.

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Realty Check: What $625K Gets You in Old Northside

Matt Morarity preserved the grandeur of the parlor, which already showcased a mosaic-tiled gas fireplace, stained-glass windows, and a 100-year-old grand theater chandelier (one of 15 such period fixtures throughout the house).

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Realty Check: What $700K Gets You on East 86th Street

Few homes on the market now will top the sprawling orientation of architect David Snapp’s main living spaces.

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Elaine Green: Carmel's Marathon Woman

Her hometown race on April 12, the Carmel Marathon, is her sentimental favorite. It’s where she finished her 100th marathon, in 2012.

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Realty Check: What $1.5M Gets You in Williamshire

But even with these stately features, perhaps the most costly details were the lavish imported fixtures and finishes, such as the dining room’s $24,000 Venini chandelier and silver-leaf ceiling.

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Realty Check: What $1.3M Gets You in Crows Nest

Gardening enthusiasts from across the country have toured the estate for years, drawn to its exquisite design and one-of-a-kind plant collection that showcases rare varieties native to Japan and China.

Indiana State Museum, Ice Age Giants: The Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons
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Lovely Bones: Indiana State Museum's Dinosaur Exhibit

Finding a complete set of hyoid, or throat bones, is a huge find. These belong to Fred, a mastodon discovered in Fort Wayne (and pictured here).

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Mayor of the Monon Trail: Meet Bob Lee

“The Monon Trail served as a catalyst for bringing special people together in a way that genuinely amazes me,” says his daughter, Diane Scott.

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Postscript: Marilyn Schultz Opens Her Hate Mail

In her records, she found a single manila folder containing a dozen unopened letters, postmarked nearly 40 years earlier, that she had long forgotten. … “Women of my generation were told to go to college and get your ‘MRS’ degree. It’s hard [for young people] to understand how radical it was to think a woman could be a doctor, a lawyer, or a legislator.'”