Matt Gonzales

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Paul George Is A Classic Millennial. Sorry Not Sorry.

Soon-to-be former Pacer Paul George doesn’t want to play close to home. He wants to play close to famous people. He wants to build his personal brand.

Rendering of Cummins Indy Distribution Headquarters
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The New Downtown: The Grand Plan

“These are all bones for great cities. You pity the cities that don’t have those things. Indianapolis definitely has them. It just needs a little fertilizer, a little water.”

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Street Savvy: Fletcher Place

Credit the Cultural Trail for helping turn Fletcher Place into the city’s new Restaurant Row.

TedX 2014
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Talks of the Town: CreativeMornings and TEDx Indianapolis

Local experimental-art collective Know No Stranger lampooned Silicon Valley product launches. The pitch: a robot, Ascme, that only responded to “the crispy rhythm of monosyllabic speech.”

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The Jason Whitlock Outtakes

“… They couldn’t attack me with the truth, so they made up stuff.”

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Jason Whitlock: No Pulled Punches

Whitlock acknowledges that his colorful history with ESPN is one reason it has taken extra time to get everyone there on board.

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Ask Me Anything: Creek Stewart, TV Survival Guru

Survivalist questions for “Fabio of the Forest.”

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Off The Wall: Scott Stulen at the IMA

Stulen even has plans to create an occasional “open office” in the museum, when his staff will work in the entry pavilion so visitors can come up to share ideas.

IndyReads-Front Cover Only
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A Review of Indy Writes Books: A Book Lover's Anthology

Literary superstar John Green gets top billing, but it’s the lesser-known names that make it worth the price of admission.

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First Friday 101

Are you in a bit of a First Friday rut? Tired of cheap wine in plastic cups? Or bringing the fam along? Let us help.

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Painting By Numbers: The State of the IMA

“What didn’t happen is enough people showing up to populate the structure we had built,” Venable says. But “Art is not for everybody,” says one IMA critic. “Art is for anybody, which is very different.”