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Michai Stephens
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Fast Forward: What Is the Indy 500’s Future?

Ride-along mechanics were a fixture into the late 1930s, and “Back Home Again” blared over the speakers for the first time in 1946. Point being, the Indy 500 and its traditions have had some tune-ups over the years.

Conor Daly
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Conor Daly Gets First Full-Time IndyCar Ride

“People don’t actually believe me,” a jovial Daly admitted. “Especially after the last three years. It’s really happening.”

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Q&A: Adam Carolla on His New Paul Newman Racing Documentary

“Honestly, I really do feel like if Paul were alive, I would love to just sit down and watch this movie with him,” says Carolla. “I don’t think he’d necessarily appreciate a retrospective on his film career, but I think he would love this movie.”

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IndyCar Meet-and-Greet: Conor Daly

“It’s just a different era,” says Daly. “I feel like there’s about 100 different people who come up every day and tell me if I was racing 10 years ago, I would have been hired instantly.”

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Will Power: “Main Focus” Is Indianapolis 500

“You’re there with the milk. Ain’t got anyone else on the podium. Just you and the milk,” Power mused. “Now that’s a selfie right there.”

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Q&A: Doug Boles, IMS President

“What we’ve had to do is look through the lens of, is something really a tradition?” says Boles. “Is it really core, central to our DNA? Or is it something that has just happened over time, and if you changed it, it doesn’t really change the importance of the race?”

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Pat McAfee Loves Racing, America

“I don’t know if that’s stupidity or what, but I’m not nervous at all,” said McAfee. “I’m just very excited.”

Graham Rahal
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IndyCar Meet-and-Greet: Graham Rahal

“I have to be an owner, more so than a father,” says Bobby Rahal. “It’s not just all about him. It’s all about everyone else on the team, too.”