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Festival of Film: Indy Rediscovers the Joys of Going to the Movies

In the age of Netflix, Hulu, and HBONow, where a movie night usually means sitting on your couch with a remote in hand, film-going is a becoming a lost art. But thanks to a growing number of film festivals and a dedicated group of local cinephiles, Indianapolis has been finding its joys all over again.

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The Indianapolis International Ballet Competition Debuts

“Most non-dancers think it’s a little crazy to have your career path planned out at 15.”

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First Friday Newcomer: A Programmer Combines Code and Poetry

Joel Dart has worked with computer language since middle school, but in 2010, he decided to use it in a completely new way.

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Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Is Keeping Score

The ICO has concocted a reality TV-style showdown between three finalists to replace maestro Kirk Trevor.

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Theater of the Absurd: Our 10 Favorite IndyFringe Shows

“It was outrageous, and the audience gave a standing ovation,” says Pauline Moffat of A**holes & Aureoles. “That was the night I knew IndyFringe audiences were open-minded and ready for the next generation of uncensored and unjuried fringe performances.”

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State of the Arts: Indianapolis Opera Goes on with the Show

The Opera knows it won’t be giving up classic, grand operas—but avant-garde productions, operatic musicals, concerts, festivals, and other formats are all on the table to try.

The winner of the IVCI gets use of this beaut--the 1683 Gingold Strad--for the four years following the competition.
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Sound Off: Old Meets Modern at Violin Competition

Even ISO Concertmaster Zachary De Pue, proud owner of a 1757 Gagliano, affirms, “The greatest makers have been chosen by the best violinists around the world over and over again. Strads and Guarneri del Gesu.”

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Three Hoosiers To Know At Gen Con

The annual celebration of all things nerdy returns to the Convention Center on Aug. 14.

Hail Mary, Indianapolis Monthly, December 2011
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Hail Mary: Hoosier Momma

Erin Edds always was a fan of the Bloody Mary, but she could never find one worth her while. When an event planner asked her to submit an Indy-centric pro-duct for some Super Bowl suite baskets in 2010, Edds, then co-owner of local gourmet packaged-goods company Country Mouse City Mouse, took the opportunity to fill the void. “If I could make a Bloody Mary that I loved,” she says, “I’d guarantee other people would love it, too.”

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Coming Soon: Tini

Small is the new big at Mass Ave bar-in-the-works, Tini, scheduled to open in early December next to Chatham Tap. True, it will be a martini bar, but the name speaks to more than the featured beverage. At only 1,200 square feet, this space maxes out at 50 people. Don’t be deterred by the size. The theme is Vodka and Video, with a full bar boasting more than 50 vodkas–including some local and organic labels–and six 40-inch flatscreens showcasing music videos. “Part of the whole concept is to bring back what I consider a lost art of music videos,” says owner Brad Kime, who envisions themed weeknights (such as a One Hit Wonder Night or Lady Gaga Night), with corresponding beverages. “It’s going to be a little more fun,” adds Kime, an Indy native and long-time local barfly. This is his first venture in bar ownership. “I know about the business from sitting on that side of the bar,” he says. “Now there are a lot of things I’m going to learn on this side of the bar.”

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Come to Papa

Art Bouvier grew up in New Orleans, where almost everyone he knew owned a restaurant, and he was pretty sure that wasn’t the life he wanted. He even moved north, seeking a corporate career that would keep him safely out of the hospitality business. But eventually the cubicle lifestyle wore him down. Good for us. In 2007, Bouvier left his seven-year IT career at Eli Lilly to open his authentically Cajun Papa Roux on the east side. “At the time, everyone thought I was nuts,” says Bouvier. “Now I don’t look so nuts.”

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FARMbloomington Gets Some Sun

Chef Daniel Orr of FARMbloomington (108 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington) and Indiana University Press have released a new cookbook, Paradise Kitchen, featuring Caribbean-inspired recipes. You might be surprised at this Indiana native writing a tropical cookbook that includes the likes of conch chowder, pomelo salad, and saltfish beignets. But after years of working in kitchens in France, Belgium, and New York, Orr actually spent two years on the Island of Angu

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Naked Tchopstix Rolls Downtown

By October, Naked Tchopstix hopes to be set up in its new downtown location, a 7,000-square-foot space in the basement of the King Cole Building (1 N. Meridian St.). Owner Maggie Lee expects to attract business folk for the lunch crowd and out-of-towners in the evenings. “So it will have a lot of smaller side rooms you can have smaller parties in,” Lee says. “But the basic idea will be the same. Good food, nice drink, in a comfortable atmosphere.”

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(Take the) Cannoli Queen Cafe

Lisa Snow grew up in an Italian home that loved food, and she has been cooking handed-down recipes all her life. Last September, she decided to try catering, and “it kind of just took off,” she says. Tomorrow, she celebrates the grand opening of her 20-seat Cannoli Queen Cafe (1279 N. Emerson Ave, Greenwood, 882-1908), where she will serve up her best handmade family recipes, including sandwiches, pasta, and de

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Another food truck is about to hit the streets of Indianapolis. Edward’s Drive-In (2126 S. Sherman Dr., 786-1638) is preparing to take its

tenderloins, onion rings, and root beer (which have been featured on Adam Richman’s Man v. Food), on the road at the be