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Philip Gulley

gulley neighborhood bully
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Phil Gulley: Neighborhood Bully

Living under the unblinking eye of a homeowner’s association, I’m starting to think we should have insisted on decency being one of the covenants.

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Phil Gulley: White-Washed

When I asked about the racial history of my hometown, I was told we had nothing to hide. But the truth is much uglier.

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Phil Gulley: Happy To Report

I enjoy my annual review so much, I’m thinking of giving one to everyone in my family.

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Phil Gulley: Getting A Handle

An ancient Native American ax sharpens one man’s thinking.

The Phil Gulley illustrated character watching football on television.
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Phil Gulley: Remote Locations

As a man without a TV, I’m disappointed in those who have one—and I’m always visiting to watch and tell them so.

Illustration of a man playing with giant cartoon germs.
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Phil Gulley: Belly Aching

Headaches are wonderful.

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Phil Gulley: Road To Ruin

Slashing taxes sounds like a great idea. Until it isn’t.

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Phil Gulley: How We Rolled

The thrill of motorcycling is the point, the counter-narrative to the bubble-wrapped life of modern America.

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Phil Gulley: Reefer Madness

“If a man or woman, at the end of their long and difficult day, wants to smoke a joint and relax, that does not impinge upon my happiness in the least.”

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Phil Gulley: Moral History

The immigrant I knew best went to church, volunteered as a Boy Scout leader, and helped his sick neighbors.

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Phil Gulley: Calendar Girl

Anniversaries may be an odd occasion to celebrate, but any reason to spend time with my wife is a good one.

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Phil Gulley: Head Space

In my dream, I pass the day writing and reading, then enjoy the dinner my wife has thoughtfully prepared and carried up the hill to me. (It is a dream, after all.)

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Phil Gulley: I Love The Idea Of Trying New Things

“I suppose even the exhilaration of preaching in a cowboy hat would wear thin after a while. I could try it and see, but even Quakers have their limits.”

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Phil Gulley: The Terrible Gifts I’ve Given

“Charley has only one set of Case kitchen knives, so I might have to buy them before the 23rd to make sure no one else snatches them up. Otherwise, my wife will be getting a garden hose.”

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Phil Gulley: What I’m Thankful For

“In my early years, my father cooked the Thanksgiving turkey on a Weber grill in our barn, a deeply spiritual experience for him.”