Sarah Bahr

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The Fieldhouse Turns 20

Net gains.

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Cold Comforts

Cool treats.

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Our Love Letter To “Ann Dancing”

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail kicked off a 30-day crowdfunding campaign in your honor today, with the goal of raising $262,800 for repairs by June 29.

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Quick Q&A With Lea Salonga

“Don’t take it so seriously that you stop living your life. Don’t forget to have fun.”

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Storm-Chasing 101

“It’s best to start chasing with people who are experienced.”

Sisters, Lily and Madeleine looking angelic
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Speed Read: Lily And Madeleine

The homegrown sister act returns for a concert.

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Five Years Of “The Art Assignment”

“The art world with Kanye in it is a better, more open, and less elitist art world.”

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Speed Read: The Carmel Christkindlmarkt

First step: Nail the name. All together: Krist-kindle-markt.

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Quick Q&A With Isaac Mizrahi

“I can’t change my politics, so I’m a little nervous about what’s to come in Indianapolis because I’m not sure what the political leanings are there. But … whether people agree with me or not, I hope they find the show funny.”

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Hank Green’s First Novel Is An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Enter: John Green. Wearing a bumblebee suit.

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AMA: Lisa Pratt, NASA Planetary Protection Officer

“We’re in a hurry to get out there, and many of the things humans bring with them are potential contaminants.”

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Backtrack: “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

The tune didn’t really take off in the major leagues until Chicago sportscaster Harry Caray began singing it in the 1970s.

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AMA: Marisa Kwiatkowski, Journalist

Breaking the USA Gymnastics sex-abuse scandal.

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Q&A: Tim Hunt Of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

“I find glitter on my face for days—I’m at work the next morning finding little specks of glitter,” says Tim Hunt, who plays Hedwig. Oh yeah, and he works in finance.

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Quick Q&A With Leslie Odom, Jr.

“People ask me to sign weird parts of their body. I try to talk them out of it. It’s like, ‘Can we take a selfie and put it on Instagram instead?'”