Sarah Layden

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A New Chapter for IUPUI’s Center for Ray Bradbury Studies

The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies once may have seemed, well, like science fiction. Yet the icy reception the genre once received from critics and academics has begun to thaw.

Roxane Gay
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Q&A with Roxane Gay on Her New Gig: Marvel Comic Book Writer

“Ta-Nehisi Coates emailed me and told me he had a crazy idea and, well, he had a crazy idea.”

Greenwell, Garth (C) Max Freeman
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Q&A with Rising Literary Star Garth Greenwell

“It’s important to me to identify as a gay writer, because when I was 16 growing up in Kentucky, gay books saved my life. So many gay characters in books are stripped of dignity.”

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Literary Indiana: The Write Stuff

Sometimes literary archives house hidden gems.

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An Anthology of Literary Superstars, Edited by Indiana Author Margaret McMullan

They helped me to quit feeling sorry for myself for my own loss. These women write. They are workhorses.

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Author James Tadd Adcox Reimagines Indy in New Novel

“The Indianapolis of Does Not Love is the Indianapolis of my memory: strange, flat, a little lonely, filled with secrets that are just beyond one’s sight.”

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Provocative Writer Randa Jarrar to Speak at Herron

“I refuse to sit quietly in the margins and only speak when I can ‘calmly’ educate and teach,” she says.