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Pukapuka Group Photo Definition of Tiki
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The Torch Bearers: Pukapuka Social Club

The definition of tiki varies depending on whom you ask. Some fans say it’s about the movement’s idiosyncratic cocktails and music, or a love of the funhouse-mirror version of Polynesian culture it portrays.

Inferno Room tiki decor
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Welcome To The Jungle: Tiki Decor

As great as The Inferno Room drinks are, it’s the decor that stuns most people like a blow dart. Here, 10 of the wildest details in Fountain Square’s new watering hole.

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Swizzle Shtick: Indy’s Tiki Bars

Tiki has landed on the shores of Indianapolis in a tropical wave of bamboo and pineapples. The following Indy tiki spots had us at aloha.

Hemingway Daiquiri
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Punch Drunk Love

Say aloha to the classic daiquiri.

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Isle Of Tiki

Here’s to the highbrow mixology and the sentimental kitsch.

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Indianapolis Steakhouses

Our list of the 16 hotspots. Find out who made the cut.

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Laney Glick’s Tomato-Goat Cheese Soup

Perfect for a cold winter’s day.

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Restaurant Guide Update: January 2019

A tour of the city’s best dining.

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January’s First Bite

A hot shot cocktail bar in Bloomington now has the food pedigree to match their drinks.

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — Arts & Culture

Who says Hoosiers aren’t cultured?

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — City Hacks

Scooters are holding the whole city together.

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — Fun

Games, pottery, and even burlesque are among our best for 2018.

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — The Farmers Markets

We know how to pick ’em.

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — Dine & Drink

With oatmeal cream pies so good we put them on the cover.

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Unspoken Rules: Winterlights

Buy a toasty drink inside. The lines are longer outdoors.