Suzanne Krowiak

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November Foodie Extra: Gino Pizzi’s Calamarata Di Mare Recipe

Calamarata is a thick-ring pasta that resembles sliced calamari when it’s cooked.

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November’s Foodie: Gino Pizzi

“The clanging of the plates and silverware, the sounds in the kitchen. It’s a concert that hypnotizes me.”

Yujo Ramen dish
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Swoon: Yujo Ramen

Big umami energy.

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Ask Me Anything: Aleesia Johnson, Superintendent Of IPS

A quick read on new IPS head Aleesia Johnson.

A woman stands in the atrium of an office building
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Ask Me Anything: Li Li Leung, USA Gymnastics CEO

“The umbrella priority is to become an athlete-centric organization. That’s our ultimate goal.”

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Foodie Recipe: Breakfast Strata

This breakfast casserole is perfect for a house full of guests, or weekend brunch pitch-in.

A woman in a chef’s apron sips coffee against a black and white geometric wall.
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August Foodie: Natalie Wall

Toast of the town.

A vegan, gluten-free powerbar.
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Audra Sternberg Recipe: Vegan, Gluten-Free Power Bars

Scratch your itch for something sweet and substantial at the same time.

A woman dons a black apron while holding a plate of pastries.
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July Foodie: Audra Sternberg

Rising star.

A cheeseburger topped with everything sits in a basket surrounded by fries.
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July’s First Bite

A new spot in Carmel, tips from a vegan chef, and an old favorite in Brownsburg.

A woman holds a coffee mug while sitting on a couch.
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Foodie: Josie Hunckler Of Rabble Coffee

“I got really interested in community spaces where there are lots of people from different backgrounds.”

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So Jelly

Offbeat toast-toppers are our jam.

A generous portion of white fish over a light brown transluscent broth of dashi and kimchi
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Swoon: Studio C

Sea bass over kimchi at Studio C.

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A Feast For The Eyes

“I wanted to find out if I could really make it doing this sign and mural business, so I went for it. It’s been non-stop since I started.”

A green salad with fried shallots, red and golden beats, and sheep’s milk feta
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The Lemon Bar’s Spiced Beet Salad – What’s In That?

A colorful mix of Moroccan flavors, where beets share the spotlight with of-the-moment marinated chickpeas.