Tony Rehagen

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AMA: Angela Braly

“I don’t think (women) are being specifically excluded. But I don’t think these organizations that are involved in public policy are thinking, Let’s invite women. The other thing is that women don’t have the same level of confidence to go into a place where they want to feel prepared, educated, and ready.”

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AMA: James Hinchcliffe

“I think, fundamentally, drivers are wired wrong. At some point every driver will experience something that would give a normal person pause.”

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A Lot To Lose

With a catchy slogan and a strong work ethic, Rich Burd built one of the city’s largest car dealerships. But after the economy wrecked the auto industry, Rich felt he had only one way to turn.

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Free Man

The cell phone ringing in the driver’s hip pocket startles the man in the passenger’s seat. It is a sound he has never heard before. He asks if he can answer it. The driver, his sister, shows him how. On the line is his sister’s daughter, an adult niece he hasn’t seen since she was a child. She asks where they are.

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IM Crime Files: In the Name of the Father

“We are all defined by our fathers,” says Bishop T. Garrett Benjamin of Mmoja Ajabu. “Everything we do in life is either in honor of, or in reaction to them.”

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The Blink of an Eye

Matt White—track star, sharp salesman, skilled golfer—has had almost everything taken away by ALS. He’s one of the luckiest guys you’ll ever meet. Just ask him.

Zak Bagans, star of Travel Channel
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Ask Me Anything: Zak Bagans, Paranormal Investigator

“I fear for my own safety in that house.”

Colts Patriots
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Speed Read: Colts vs. Patriots

Pretty boy Tom Brady served no time for the Deflategate crime, and there’s a sense that justice has not been served—yet.

Colts Dwayne Allen
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Ask Me Anything: Colts’ Dwayne Allen

“I just love gummy bears. I used to get a couple pounds from a candy store in Carmel.”

Jeff Gordon
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Ask Me Anything: Jeff Gordon

The NASCAR champ will finish his career this year with more than 90 wins. Can he make it six Brickyards?

In classier times (1946), drivers and divas alike wore gloves.
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Checkered Past: Indy 500 Fashion

Is there an article of clothing or certain material, utilitarian and distinctively Indy, that could give the 500 the signature fashion statement it’s missing?

Bill Mayes
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Flashback: What Can Bill Mays Do For You?

Everyone knows Bill Mays. If you don’t, you probably know little about Indianapolis business.

Photo by Tony Valainis
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Bob Kravitz Knows You Hate Him

He reads his mail. He takes your calls. He looks at almost every single sarcastic and anonymous comment you leave beneath his stories on the Star’s website.

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IM Crime Files: The Scourge

Editor’s Note: The following originally appeared in the October 2005 “Small Towns” issue and is included among IM’s Best-Ever Crime Stories.

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Danica Patrick: Drive to Succeed

Editor’s Note, Feb. 19, 2013: This past Sunday at Daytona International Speedway, driver Danica Patrick became the first woman ever to qualify in the top spot for a NASCAR Cup race. She will start in the pole position of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 24. The following profile, noted in The Best American Sports Writing series, originally appeared in the May 2006 issue of IM, a year after Patrick’s fourth-place finish in the Indianapolis 500.