Best Of Indy 2022

Worst of Indy? Pffft—the construction. But the Best of Indy is a tougher question because there’s so much very-good in our very-lovable city. We spend the whole year being judgy about lasagna, belt bags, local novels, houseplants, hangouts, exhibits, pizza, libraries, and anything else we can think of to compile our vetted cheat sheet of Indy’s best in class. We also enlisted a little help this year: The world’s best competitive eater, Joey Chestnut, now a proud Hoosier, and HGTV’s best designer, MJ Coyle of Good Bones, both share their expertise. Here’s to the highest standards.

Women doing yoga at The Lume

Health And Beauty

Mochi Joy doughnutsFood And Drink

Shopping And Style

A colorful mural with images from the Indiana State Museum's archives

Arts And Culture

Benedict Polizzi in a white hat and hoodie with his hands up shruggingPersonal Bests