Bar One Fourteen

Best Restaurant 2018 Winner

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Bar One Fourteen

Looking like a dark and moody ad for a spicy men’s cologne, the noir-hued Bar One Fourteen does not need your well-lit Instagram photos. It doesn’t want you to show up unannounced, without a reservation, or overstay your welcome when there are tables to be turned. As a matter of fact, it has no use for you at all Sunday through Wednesday. And yet, we love this luxe microbar so much. We swoon over its brass-pineapple mai tai and might have written “Potato Pavé” in bubble letters on our Trapper Keepers. Its blow-torched cheeseburger rips our bodices. Its crudité loaded with manipulated veggies (like a peeled cherry tomato with a liquid soy-ginger core) had better get a restraining order, because we are obsessed. The handsome renegade in Martha Hoover’s restaurant family, this 16-seat eatdrinkery opened in a sliver of a dining room next to Napolese in May and immediately won us over with chef David Hoover’s marvel of a menu. It’s still one of Indy’s toughest reservations to score, which proves we’re not the only ones crushing on it.

Rent a vinyl locker for a yearly fee and you get the special treat of listening to some of your own records (at the staff’s discretion, of course) on Bar One Fourteen’s sound system when you dine in.

114 E. 49th St., 317-946-0114

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