Cannon Ball Brewing Company

Best Restaurant 2018 Winner

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Cannon Ball Brewing Company

This tiny craft brewery housed in a 100-year-old former butcher shop and deli in the Kennedy-King neighborhood provides a sufficiently cozy setting for chef Erin Kem’s homey, pint-friendly menu. Kem, who earned her culinary cred in the kitchen of Mass Ave’s celebrated R Bistro, manages to assemble the intricate plates right behind the bar—like she’s performing some kind of up-close street magic. Ta-da! Meaty rabbit stew pops with the colors of fresh spring veggies; panko-crusted halibut cheeks rest on a salad of asparagus, radishes, and peas; and (if you are really lucky) a batch of Kem’s Russian borscht topped with sour cream and dill will appear. Oh, yeah—there’s also beer.

“I do a deviled-egg taco and a short-rib taco with Chinese five-spice powder in the tortilla, topped with kimchi. Those are so popular, they’re always on the menu.” —Erin Kem, chef

1702 Bellefontaine St., 317-426-5978

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