Best Restaurant 2018 Winner

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Consider that one of the best things on the menu at this exquisite dining room on the second level of Keystone at the Crossing’s new Ironworks Hotel (itself a monolithic work of art) … is a tater tot. No ordinary tater tot, this is the Loaded Tater Tottler, a shot glass–sized compaction of fried potatoes that is crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, and crowned with a dollop of sour cream, chunky bacon bits, and a lava flow of sweet housemade ketchup. In four or so lavish bites, the Loaded Tater Tottler communicates everything this gorgeous addition to the Cunningham Restaurant Group family is trying to do with its elaborate menu of velvety 14-ounce veal chops, squash tarts, tortellini adorned with shaved truffle, and one stunning burger bursting from an English muffin bun: Even the fanciest foods can play to the crowd.

“Reservations can be made for the Chef’s Table, where guests enjoy the chef’s tasting menu and one-on-one conversation with chef Aaron Bender and sous chef Gabriela Peralta.” — Karen Sherman, Cunningham Restaurant Group marketing coordinator

2721 E. 86th St., 317-843-6105

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