Three Carrots

Best Restaurant 2018 Winner

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Three Carrots

Ian Phillips built a loyal following at his vegan food counter inside City Market. When he opened this sunny sit-down offspring, his clientele and their enviable cholesterol numbers migrated to Fountain Square. The menu is straightforward but earnest, and exactly what meat-free diners have been begging for. On opening night, customers waited patiently for their first Seitanderloins and barbecue-sauced smoked tofu to appear, and dug into plates piled with Buffalo mac and braised greens as if they hadn’t really eaten in years. Even if you’re not quite ready to go cold Tofurkey, the Three Carrots beet burger, as hearty as the ground-beef version, might make a believer out of you.

“Seitan High Fives, our signature seitan nuggets, are our flagship product. They really represent our foundation.” — Ian Phillips, owner

920 Virginia Ave., 463-221-3669

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